Miss Fortune to be nerfed, Viego and Teemo buffed in League Patch 11.21

Expect the League meta to shift once again before the preseason.

Image via Riot Games

While all of the action at the League of Legends World Championship is taking place on Patch 11.19, the game’s development team released a preview for Patch 11.21, the next update scheduled to hit live servers. 

Patch 11.21 will be the fourth-to-last League patch of 2021. Riot hasn’t given a clear date as to when the ranked season will conclude, or when the 2022 preseason will begin, but an announcement from the League development team last week did hint at many of the upcoming changes coming to the game in the near future. With that in mind, an official date for the game’s next major shakeup should be on the horizon. 

For now, patches like 11.21, which is scheduled to release next week, should bring about minor changes to the game to keep things in check before the preseason arrives. Just 11 champions are receiving balance changes in the patch, with six set to be buffed and another five on the docket for nerfs. 

The most prevalent champion to receive nerfs in Patch 11.21 will undoubtedly be Miss Fortune. After dominating the AD carry role on the professional stage at Worlds while simultaneously wreaking havoc on solo queue, the Bounty Hunter is set to see her power justifiably reduced. Apart from Miss Fortune, other champions to be slated for nerfs include Graves, Akshan, Quinn, and Karthus. 

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On the flip side, six champions will be receiving buffs when Patch 11.21 releases. After being absolutely gutted in Patch 11.17, Viego will see some of his power restored in Patch 11.21. Earlier this year, the Ruined King had four of his five abilities nerfed in the same patch, effectively banishing him from both the professional and solo queue metas. To what extent those nerfs will be made up for in Patch 11.21 remains to be seen. 

In addition to Viego, other champions including Lux, Sion, Xayah, Jinx, and Teemo will also be receiving buffs in Patch 11.21.

Aside from champions, several Keystone runes including Guardian and Conqueror are slated to be nerfed, while Goredrinker stands out as the only item scheduled to be hit with nerfs. Stridebreaker will also be receiving balance adjustments in the patch, according to Riot. 

Patch 11.21 is set to hit live servers on Oct. 20, according to the game’s official patch schedule.