Miss Fortune has a 52 percent win rate with the highest play rate of any ADC on Patch 10.2

Senna and Jhin also have high win rates this past patch.

Image via Riot Games

If you were looking to get in some games in the bottom lane, get ready to ban Miss Fortune—she had a 52 percent win rate with the highest play rate of any AD carry in League of Legends‘ solo queue this past patch.

Miss Fortune has become one of the more influential ADC’s in the past few weeks due to her ability to deal massive amounts of damage with her relatively quick attack speed, AoE ultimate ability, and great compatibility with Press the Attack. As a result, she is receiving a few nerfs in Patch 10.3 that will lower her attack speed per level from three percent to 2.25.

These nerfs could affect Miss Fortune’s play rate, whether its in solo queue or in competitive play. She has been played or banned in 50 percent of games in the 2020 LEC Spring Split, but only has a 33.3 percent win rate competitively. Miss Fortune has had less of an influence in North America, though—instead, the majority of LCS teams choose either Senna or Aphelios in their games.

In solo queue, Senna currently has the highest win rate of any ADC, with the fourth-highest play rate. Meanwhile, Aphelios has become the most banned ADC with a 5.93 percent ban rate, even though he only has a lackluster 48 percent win rate. Both of these champions are set for some significant nerfs next patch as well.

Ultimately, Miss Fortune should still remain viable in the solo queue scene past 10.3, but Senna and Aphelios could see some big drops in play rate due to the nerfs they will be picking up.