Malphite gets update to bio, connecting him to Shurima and the Void

Riot expands on the origin of League's resident rock monster.

Image via Riot Games

The Shard of the Monolith’s new League of Legends champion bio connects him to the ancient war between the glorious Shurima empire and the destructive chaos of the Void.

Malphite’s story begins shortly after the destruction of Icathia, Jax’s nation, at the hands of the Void, which they willingly unleashed upon Shurima in an act of desperation to destroy the all-powerful kingdom. Shurima was quicking becoming overcome by the onslaught of the Void. Fearing the worst, Shurima turned to a powerful arrogant mage known as Ne’Zuk, who pledged to build a weapon capable of driving the Void back into the Earth from which it was unleashed.

Ne’Zuk spent months crafting his masterpiece: a floating castle built by stone imbued with magic. The magic gave the stone a sort of conscious life and allowed the structure to repair itself when damaged.

The mage took his followers and superweapon and confronted the growing Void. The two forces battled for weeks, destroying most of the surrounding land, which only spread the corruption of the Void.

As the calamitous battle continued, the Void slowly gained the upper hand and forced Ne’Zuk’s floating monolith to crash into the Earth below. The ground erupted as the magic city collided with it and unleashed the full force of the Void into the skies above. Ne’Zuk’s followers were slain and his great weapon was destroyed. He alone managed to escape.

Although Ne’Zuk’s magical fortress had been reduced to rubble, the magic within its stone’s endured. The rocks attempted to heal themselves but were all slowly devoured by the surrounding Void.

Only one shard buried beneath the Earth managed to escape the destruction of the Void and it slowly repaired itself over the course of many centuries. The last surviving piece of the Monolith reformed and now wanders in solitude. It has become a legend referred to as “Malphite” by many residents of Runeterra.

Malphite senses the presence of the Void slowly returning to this realm and is prepared to drive it back as its creator designed it to do many centuries ago.

Malphite’s new bio hints strongly at impactful events yet to come, such as the return of the Void, which has recently been referenced in several new pieces of lore, including Jax’s updated bio.