Lunar Revel 2018 has arrived—here is everything you can get from the event

It's the year of the good boy.

Image via Riot Games

The 2018 Lunar Revel event is here in League of Legends, and aside from the usual totally badass skins, this year’s event comes jam-packed with tons of other cool features and rewards.

The skins this year belong to Warwick and Nasus to honor the Year of the Dog on the Chinese zodiac calendar. Both of League’s resident good boys now have their own badass Lunar Guardian skins. The third skin of the year went to Lux, who isn’t technically a dog of any kind, but her staff can turn into two very adorable puppies in her new Lunar Empress skin, and that sort of counts, right?

This event, like many of the most recent events to grace the Rift, will use the client’s Missions feature. When you complete event missions from now until Feb. 19, you’ll receive Revel tokens, which can be spent on various rewards.

The most prominent rewards are new golden chromas for various Lunar Revel skins that have been released over the years, including Lunar Wraith Caitlyn, Warring Kingdoms Garen, Warring Kingdoms Katarina, Dragonblade Riven, Dragonwing Corki, and Guqin Sona. These golden chromas have a metallic sheen, a unique trait that no other chromas share.

Using your Revel Tokens, you’ll also be able to unlock icons and loading screen borders for the three newest skins for Warwick, Nasus, and Lux, as well as other event icons, Revel skin shards, and Revel champion orbs. For the complete list of Revel Orb, Revel Shard, and Revel Grab Bag rewards, you can check out the event page in your game client.

This event only runs for the next two weeks, until Feb. 19, so be sure to rack up those Revel Tokens now if you want these exclusive event rewards.