LS comments on community reaction to FORG1VEN being benched

"We can never know the extent of what is actually going on behind the scenes."

Photo via Riot Games

Veteran LEC AD carry Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou has returned to the spotlight over the past couple of days following his controversial decision to step down from Schalke 04’s starting lineup. But LCK caster Nick “LS” De Cesare also reminded people that they should refrain from making comments about the situation until all the facts are known.

“I don’t care that he left the team, and I don’t care about how shitty he did it publically,” LS said to his stream’s viewers earlier today. “We can never know the extent of what is actually going on behind the scenes.”

Yesterday, FORG1VEN said that Schalke was unwilling to make changes to stay competitive and to win. As a result, he won’t compete for the team until it changes its mind. This choice received a ton of backlash from the League of Legends community, with many people pointing out his ego as a roadblock for his pro career.

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LS, however, has also been on the receiving end of backlash from angry crowds before. He mentioned that there’s still a person behind the Twitter account and that FORG1VEN is a longtime member of the European League community.

Schalke will play their first match without FORG1VEN this weekend when they face off against Rogue and G2 Esports.

Correction Feb. 14 1:50pm CT: This article originally misrepresented LS’s statement on the matter. We apologize for the error.