LPL’s Worlds 2021 episode of Make/Break documentary series available as VOD

Watch the LPL at Worlds in this episode of Make/Break.

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

The fourth episode of Make/Break, the LPL-produced documentary series on the 2021 season, has been released as a VOD on both YouTube and Twitch. The episode first aired live on Twitch last week, but the LPL only uploaded the video days after its release—meaning fans who missed the premiere can finally watch it.

Though the first three episodes of the series followed individual teams, such as EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Royal Never Give Up, this latest episode follows all four LPL teams at Worlds 2021.

The fourth edition of this ongoing documentary series sees all four qualifying LPL teams battle through their respective group and continues on with the teams who made it to the playoffs stage. The players, management, and fans for LNG, EDG, RNG, and FPX are all on display in this special Worlds edition of the documentary.

The Make/Break series has filled the content void in the offseason for the LPL, with each week bringing a new episode that dives into a team’s regular season. This Worlds edition does not mark the end of the series yet, with episode five following Top Esports’ campaign. The popular LPL team and former World semifinalists are notably the only team set to appear in the series who did not qualify for Worlds.

This fifth episode premiered live on the official LPL Twitch account this Saturday at 5am CT, but it will be reuploaded on YouTube and Twitch next week.

With the Demacia Cup now in full swing, the LPL is officially back as the documentary series draws closer to its conclusion. With only a short time before the official start of the 2022 season, fans can reflect on the past Worlds with this latest episode as they look ahead to next season.

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