LPL’s Rogue Warriors release jungler WeiYan due to matchfixing allegations

The young jungler started for RW in 11 of the games this season.

Image via Riot Games

LPL team Rogue Warriors has released jungler Wang “WeiYan” Xiang after allegations of matchfixing surfaced, according to a translated Weibo post from the team.

In a statement translated by ESPN, Rogue Warriors said the team’s former jungler “conducted activities during LPL Spring 2020 competitions that seriously violated the team’s rules and disciplines.” This means that some of RW’s games this split were affected by WeiYan in some sort of way.

“Even after a year of repeated reminders and warnings, some still chose to ignore the rules which led to severe consequences,” Rogue Warriors said in its statement. “We will also further conduct deep internal probes and we are vowing to root out anyone that has directly or indirectly participated in violations.”

Additionally, an anonymous Weibo account posted screenshots of WeiYan talking about matchfixing games against Dominus Esports and Victory Fiveā€”the team ended up winning against Victory Five during week three of the 2020 LPL Spring Split.

In week two of the split, WeiYan replaced Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin, a 21-year old jungler, who had a 2.3 KDA when he was benched, with a 73.8 percent kill participation percentage.

Meanwhile, Rogue Warriors are sitting in the bottom half of the regular season standings, after only winning three of their past eight games. Those losses may need to be investigated, to see if WeiYan had purposely affected those games to tamper with the outcome.