Low-health Warwick survives lengthy skirmish against 3 opponents

"Oh, what a day. What a bloody day."

Image via Riot Games

Every League of Legends player should know the feeling of despair that hits when you throw numerous abilities at one champion and they just won’t die.

This time, the enemies of a player named Parnellyx got to experience this for themselves. The individual posted a clip from a game in which they, playing Warwick, escaped death after fighting three different enemies.

Parnellyx was relatively low on health at the beginning of the clip, having only around 700 HP out of 1,900 total. Nevertheless, the Warwick player relentlessly pushed the tier-one turret in the middle lane to much success. It fell down at the cost of roughly 200 HP lost to the enemy Bard.

Janna came to the mid lane to aid Warwick, but Bard had allies as well. First, Zac surprised Parnellyx by catapulting onto the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun with Elastic Slingshot (E). But Zac couldn’t bring Warwick down, especially because of Parnellyx’s Titanic Hydra and Eternal Hunger (passive), which kept healing the player. The Zac player was also two levels down when the fight started.

After taking down the Zac, it may have seemed like the Bard player was in trouble. But then, an allied Garen showed up to avenge his fallen teammate. Combined with the Wandering Caretaker’s abilities, he lowered Warwick’s health to 24, mostly thanks to his Demacian Justice (R), which dealt 488 damage. Parnellyx was just one auto attack away from death, but Janna shielded him by using Eye of the Storm (E).

In a desperate act of survival, Warwick flashed into the enemy’s raptor camp to try to regain some health. Bard, most likely highly frustrated by the lack of success so far, followed Warwick and tried to send the player to the gray screen. But Warwick’s Primal Howl (E) and his passive ability once again saved him from that gruesome fate.

Then, the roles switched. Parnellyx again turned from the prey to the hunter and followed Bard through his Magical Journey (E). After taking the trip, the Warwick player had to switch to a striking Garen, who was quickly eliminated with the help of the allied Janna and Ivern.

By the end of the video, Warwick’s teammates spammed the mid lane with question mark pings, probably wondering how the champion survived. And many people watching the clip might ask themselves that same question. Just remember that a low-health Warwick should never be underestimated, especially when the level gap is significant.