LoL players are dubbing this JDG vs. BLG teamfight at MSI ‘one of the best ever’

There's a reason why he's called Ruler.

K'Sante and Zeri League of Legends
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The 2023 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational has seen many incredible plays, outmaneuvers, and heart-racing shenanigans. Still, there is one team fight League fans have dubbed the absolute best: between JDG Intel Esports Club and Bilibili Gaming.

The momentous fight in question is from the decider between JDG and BLG midway through the two LPL representatives’ May 14 clash in London.

In the four vs. five, which was posted to the League Reddit forums a day later, JDG and BLG are fighting around Baron Nashor. Unfortunately for JDG, they did not have their jungler or Smite, which put them at a disadvantage. Despite this, the Chinese first seed didn’t let it stop them from pushing when needed and creating opportunities.

What makes this particular League teamfight so incredible is the read each member of JDG has on each other. Ruler is known for his wild ways, but he also knows his team will back him up—even when a Thresh hook catches him out. When this happened, 369 jumped in as K’Sante to save Ruler, who was able to disengage and avoid being taken out. And when the same thing happened to Knight, who was piloting Lissandra, 369 dove in again.

As soon as BLG decided to fight rather than take down Baron, JDG locked onto their targets and quite effectively took down BLG’s top and mid laners. This allowed Ruler, who was playing as Zeri, to step forward to do mega damage, then disengage when necessary.

As soon as the fight became a three vs. three, Ruler did what he does best—jumped right in and whittled away at their health until no one was left.

Not only does this show what it takes to make it as a League pro, but it also shows just how much you have to trust your teammates and know exactly how they operate for you to make winning plays on the biggest stages.

Between the defensiveness from K’Sante, the shields from Lulu, and the incredibly-timed knockbacks from Lissandra, they were able to take a bad situation and turn it into one of the best teamfights the fandom has seen in professional League.

Hopefully, fans can expect more like this when MSI returns on May 16.

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