LoL players agree this is the most important change of Patch 13.7

And it's not a balancing change!

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League of Legends Patch 13.7 is knocking on our doors and rolls out on the live servers any day now. While carefully studying the early patch notes, players agree this is the single most important change coming to the game.

After reading the early patch notes in detail, one player concluded in a post on League’s subreddit that the most important change of Patch 13.7 is the change made to Grievous Wounds. With this change, all items and Grievous Wounds components will apply an anti-healing debuff to targets who were shielded. 

Looking at this change as a whole, this will have a huge impact on self-sustaining AD carries that love building Shieldbow, and mages and enchanters that use Summon Aery as their primary keystone. So far, a timely shielding or proc can save a champion, giving them enough time to life-steal all lost health and turn the tides in a teamfight. But after Patch 13.7, Grievous Wounds will be applied although you didn’t take any damage.

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When discussing why wasn’t this change implemented in the game before, one player concluded that it wasn’t necessary because it didn’t really make any difference “Because until Overheal/Bloodthirster became meta it didn’t really make a difference most of the time… And you always have them up at the start of a fight. This really just guts that.” League player explained.

As the icing on top of the cake, this means we can finally say goodbye to top lane Warwick with Barrier as the champion won’t be able to clutch early-game skirmishes with a simple Summoner Spell.

So, although this is not a balancing change, this minor tweak will have a huge influence on the game across all stages and it will, at least, have an impact on two roles—AD carry and support.

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