Here are the LoL Patch 13.23 patch notes

There’s an end-of-year buzz in the air.

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Beezcrank strides forward with several bees on his hook-hands in League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

With just two patches left until the League of Legends season ticks over to 2024, the Riot Games balance team is trying to iron out any wrinkles in the metagame, including boosting Riven and dumping Briar and K’Sante.

Nine champions are up for changes in League Patch 13.23, including Janna, Riven, Trundle, and Vel’Koz (buffs) and fresh-faced trio Briar, K’Sante, and Naafiri, reigning meta beast Jarvan IV, and Ziggs (nerfs). With most of the season’s changes now locked away, no items or runes are being tweaked.

Funnily enough, the League devs said just the other day they would slow-roll any Riven changes until they knew more⁠—and now they’ve hit the “go” button. They are also delivering on a promise they made some weeks ago, with Riot Phroxzon confirming a little snowballing power is going to be pressed back into the game through a gold-sharing boost for inner objectives.

Then, finally, Riot is revisiting the ever-popular Bee skin line, with three lucky champions getting dipped in honey.

Here’s everything coming in the next League update.

What’s in League Patch 13.23?

Riot squeezes in some late 2023 changes

It’s very much an update of two halves this time around, with new characters like Briar, reworked K’Sante, and Naafiri all slapped with the nerfs paddle and older characters like Janna, Trundle, and Vel’Koz (who is also getting a cool new Bee skin) getting a bit of a lift towards the 2024 metagame.

Riven also got buffs this update, even after Riot devs originally said they were going to hold fire on changes for her despite her having “legitimate problems.”

Finally, Jarvan IV got more nerfs for being “too strong.”

Naafiri from League of Legends.
The devs still can’t work out what to do with League’s dog champion. Image via Riot Games

More cash for inner turrets

Inner and inhibitor turrets now give out a higher of their gold as local rewards. This is designed to help snowballing back a little, Riot says, and give solo laners⁠—especially top lane⁠—a helping hand when it comes to gold boosts. The League devs also said they are keeping a close eye on it now it has gone live and is in-game.

New Bee skins buzz into League store

There’s a buzz in the air in League, with new Bee-themed skins coming this update, and they’re looking sweet as honey. Am I dolloping the puns on a little thick? Yeah, of course, but we don’t get new Bee cosmetics all that often so I’m going to take my chances when I can⁠—hope it doesn’t sting.

This time around, Blitzcrank, Veigar, and Vel’Koz (or should we say, Beezcrank, Beegar, and Bee’Koz) have been handed honey-covered League skins.

Here are all the skins in this patch:

  • Beezcrank (1,350 RP)
  • King Beegar (1,350 RP)
  • Bee’Koz (1,350 RP)

These skins have now gone live during the Patch 13.23 cycle.

Bee'Voz shoots honey while smiling with a wicked look in League of Legends
I guarantee you’ve never seen Vel’Koz so adorable. Image via Riot Games

I’ve put together all the League notes for the Nov. 22 update below.

League Patch 13.23 patch notes



  • W base damage and AP scaling decreased at levels 10-18 from 2-92 (plus 50/67/84/101/118)(plus 60 percent AP) to 2-77 (+50/65/80/95/110) (plus 55 percent AP).
  • Sand soldiers now apply on-hit effects to their primary (but only their primary) target.


  • Base health reduced from 610 to 590.
  • W missing health damage reduced from 10 percent (plus 3.5 percent bonus attack damage) to nine percent (plus 2.5 percent bonus attack damage).


  • R now returns to Draven if he’s dead.


  • Passive scaling from move speed changed from 20-35 to 30 percent.
  • W cooldown reduced from 9-7 to 8-6.
  • W is now easier to target against larger enemies.
  • R cooldown reduced from 150-120 to 130-100.

Jarvan IV

  • Q cooldown increased from 10-6 to 10-8.


  • Q mana changed from 15 to 28-20, base damage reduced from 30-150 to 30-130 (scaling unchanged).
  • W hexflash bug fixed.
  • E shield reduced from 45-125 (plus 15 percent bonus health) to 50-210 (plus 10 percent bonus health).
  • R passive amp reduced from 45-75 to 30-78 percent by level, bonus attack damage reduced from 15-45 to 10-40 (scaling unchanged).


  • Passive damage reduced from 6-29.8 (plus 4.5 percent bonus attack damage) to 5.25 (plus 4.5 percent bonus attack damage).
  • E2 damage reduced from 65-205 to 60-180 (scaling unchanged).


  • Q damage increased from 15-95 (plus 45-65 percent attack damage) to 15-95 (plus 50-70 percent attack damage).
  • R bonus attack damage increased from to 20 to 25 percent.


  • Attack damage growth increased from three to four.
  • Q mana cost reduced from 30 to 20.


  • Passive damage increased from 33-169 (plus 50 percent ability power) to 35-180 (plus 60 percent ability power).


  • Base AD increased from 54-55
  • Q damage reduced from 95-295 to 85-285 (scaling unchanged).
  • W cooldown increased from 20-12 to 24-12, mana cost increased from 65 to 80.


  • No changes this update.


  • No changes this update.


Turret Gold

  • Tier two turrets give out 125 more local gold and 125 less global gold.
  • Tier three turrets give out 325 more local gold and 125 less global gold.


  • The “Career Stats” tab of the client will now only display the current year and the most recent year of data in order to reflect Riot’s pivot to multiple ranked splits throughout the course of a single year.
  • Pinging an item, ultimate, or Summoner Spell will only notify teammates if that ability or item is in the final 50 percent of its cooldown.


  • Rell’s Magnet Storm (R) will no longer sometimes interrupt channeled abilities when combined with Ferromancy: Crash Down (W)
  • Pix will no longer steal credit for a kill when Lulu attaches it to an allied champion.
  • Multiple K’sante bugs were addressed, including those that cause him to become bugged while using abilities during his ultimate, as well as a bug that caused Pathmaker (W) to be canceled if used while channeling Hexflash.
  • Elise’s Cocoon (E) no longer uses stun duration values when calculating damage amplification.
  • Bugs regarding Oracle’s Lens were resolved, including a bug that caused jungle companions to be permanently revealed by the trinket, as well as a bug that caused ward visual effects to become permanent if swept by Oracle’s Lens.



King Beegar


Update: Nov. 20, 1:18pm CT: Updated with official patch notes, with additions coming to the General, Bugfixes, and Champions sub-headers.

Update Nov. 14, 8:38pm CT: Added all League champion buffs and nerfs.

Update Nov. 14, 11:02am CT: Added all Bee skins.

This article was updated throughout the League patch cycle.


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