League free champion week: April 18 to 25

Meta top lane champions head this week’s free LoL champion rotation.

Image via Riot Games

Riot has released the weekly free champion rotation for League of Legends, starting April 18.

Top lane champions are out in full force this week, with two super strong picks in Camille and Nautilus. Be sure to try out these high-profile selections from the LCS. Sejuani is also part of this week’s rotation. Be sure to try her out before her mid-season update.

Here are the champions featured in this week’s rotation.



Fight outside the boundaries of the law and strike fear into the criminals of Piltover.


Discover your inner animal and fight with Gnar, who is here to showcase his primal rage.


Beware the depths. Nautilus is a pseudo-tank/support hybrid with great crowd control. Hook your foes and let your team do the rest.



Unleash your nightmare upon the denizens of Summoner’s Rift and strike fear into the hearts of your foes.


While others succumbed to the harshness of the Freljord, you can rise above it and take your rightful place as Queen.



From the depths of the void, your hunger knows no bounds. Rise above your enemies to new heights.


Another pseudo-mid/support hybrid, Annie is here to scorch the earth. The cursed child never fights alone. With her helpful bear, Tibbers, Annie has the potential to destroy all those oppose her.



It’s show time! What is it you seek? Fame? Glory? Recognition? Why not everything and more? Give the crowds something fun to watch—they will be screaming ‘DRAVEEEEEN’ soon enough.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is commonly played as a support against Zyra, but her true purpose will always be ADC.



Oceans, come forth! The only true support champion this week makes her appearance from the depths of the ocean by harnessing its power.