8 LoL champions, including Hwei, to receive latest batch of Winterblessed skins

One of the most stunning skin lines in LoL is back this holiday season.

Howling Abyss Promotional Art League of Legends.
Image via Riot Games

One of the most visually striking and impressive holiday skin lines in League of Legends history is back, as Riot has revealed a whole new set of champions that are going to be receiving Winterblessed skins this holiday season. 

This year, eight champions will be receiving Winterblessed skins, with Annie, Hecarim, Lucian, Thresh, Sylas, Camille, Senna, and Hwei all on the table to get new Winterblessed skins as 2023 comes to a close. 

Among those, Senna’s Winterblessed skin will be classified as a Legendary skin, while Camille’s will have a prestige option. Hwei, League’s newest champion, will also be getting a Winterblessed cosmetic option as his first official skin.

In addition to the six champions that got Winterblessed skins last year, it’s quickly becoming evident that the skin line is a hit, and that Riot is working to ensure that a wide array of roles and champions are represented. With how successful the skin line was last year, and how expansive it already is this year, it wouldn’t be too far out of the question to assume that it’ll be back once again next year on an annual basis. 

Last year, Winterblessed was among the most well-received skin lines that Riot introduced to the game. The artwork for last year’s Winterblessed skins was downright stellar, and the event that came alongside it was one of the stronger in-client events all year. This year, it’s possible that another Winterblessed event will be taking place to commemorate the new batch of skins.

League’s new Winterblessed skins are currently live on the game’s PBE, and will likely be hitting live servers when Patch 13.24—the final League patch of the year—rolls out on Dec. 6. Players who log into the PBE today will also find that all of the new season 2024 changes are available for testing. 


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