LJL 2016 Season 1

The League of Legends Japan League (LJL) has starded as the others Leagues on January 2016, on the date of 17. It's the 5th Season of this competition who has been created on 09/02/2014and who stands in Tokyo.


The League of Legends Japan League (LJL) has starded as the others Leagues on January 2016, on the date of 17. It’s the 5th Season of this competition who has been created on 09/02/2014 and who stands in Tokyo.

I’ve decided to take a look at this disregarded league and chosen to present 2 games of the team 7th heaven, one of the 6 teams of this league and one of the 3 « only japanese players » teams.

You will see thereinunder the first game of LJL 2016 between 7th heaven and Unsold Stuff Gaming (Round 1, 17/01/2016) and the first game between 7th heaven and DetonatioN Gaming, former Detonation Focus Me (Round 2, 22/01/2013).


 The 6 teams of LJL with the famous japanese discipline.


7th heaven  vs       Unsold Stuff Gaming


 Game 1 


GP Top Tahm Kench
Kindred Jungle
Ezreal Mid
Alistar Support


Summary : It’s a long game (39 minutes). The strenght of mobility has win against the strenght of stability

Description : It’s a close game. During the first 30 minutes, the gold difference will stay under 2K gold between the 2 teams. 7h has the lead through the early take of towers, the 3 T1 of USG fall at the 17th minute. However USG looks better in confrontations, taking the lead at the 10th minute after a gank botlane (total score 1/2) and winning all the teamfights. They also have the control of Drake and take their 2nd at the 17th minute. The main teamfights take place at the 20th (ACE, 5/3 kills for USG) and 25th minute (4/2 kills for USG who takes Baron just after) who allow USG to come back at the gold at the 30th minute. At the 31th, an other teamfight increases the gap between the 2 teams, total score 11/16. After taking the 5th Drake at the 36th minute, USG starts the final assault in the ennemy base and ends the game at the 39th minute. The moving composition of USG focused on the ennemy capture (Elise, Blitzcrank et Tahm Kench) makes the difference against a 7h composition static and turned on the siege (Varus, Ezreal, Gankplank, Kindred). An other problem is the weakness of 7h champions with only Alistar as tank.

MVP : With Tahm Kench, apaMen the toplaner of USG has carried his team during all the game, playing perfectly his role of utility tank while dealing a lot of damages against a 7h composition with only physical damages. As the game progresses, he will be more and more an impassable barrier for the ennemy team, protecting his allies and chasing his ennemies, unstoppable. Present on 20/22 kills of his team, it’s the best score of USG.


 The Arena, face to face.


7th heaven vs  DetonatioN Gaming


Game 1 


Ryze Top
Kindred Jungle Reksai
Lissandra Mid
Adc Kalista
Support Alistar


Summary : It’s a game with mean time (31 minutes) and one sided. DNG showed really good things, strong individual skills and good coordination between them. 7th showed that it’s really hard to come back without tank and without good engagement capacity.

Description : DNG shows on this match all its superiority. Strong in lane, especially in botlane and midlane, they take advantage of the mistakes of Kindred who gives First Blood to Kalista at the 5th minute. They keep focusing on the botlane and gain 2 new kills at the 9th minute, after a Reksai’s gank (total score 0/3). They have absolute control of this game, taking everything (towers, Drakes, Herald) and invading ennemy jungle, putting a lot of pressure on Kindred who can do nothing. 7h are forced to try something and engage DNG on the midlane at the 25th minute but they are too spread and DNG kill them 2/0. Two minutes later, at the 27th minute, they try to stop DNG taking Baron but too late. DNG chase them as far as under their T2 toplane, ACE 5/0 for DNG who take toplane inhibitor just after that. They end the game at the 31th minute after winning the last teamfight 3/0 kills. 7h have chosen a very questionnable composition without real tank, with really squishy champions (Kindred, Bard, Lissandra) who get easily harassed by Viktor, making them low and preventing some counter-attack by 7h. They were also lacking good engagement with only Bard’s ultimate or Lissandra’s spells who can be easily dodged.

MVP : With AlistarCatch the support of DNG  was the major piece of this game. He was on 14/14 kills of his team. Linked with Kalista’s ultimate, he was a threatening cow with his ability to catch people far away or to escape a dangerous situation. The « Kalistar » duo is even so effective. Alistar was especially a pain for the ennemy’s Kindred, catching him a couple of time.


 DetonatioN Gaming, winners of the LJL 2015 in the Grand Finals.




7th heaven is probably the best all japanese players team in the League of Legends Japanese League. And DetonatioN Gaming simply the best team. 

I enjoy to see new things in the game and following the new leagues is often a good place for that. I hope this league will continue to grow, adding new people and more diversity into the game. It’s often a good thing to perpetuate it.

You can follow the LJL on Twitch, just right here and on the official website here.


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Photo credit to : Riot Games.