Lil Nas X resigns as ‘President of League of Legends’ after 6 weeks as partnership with Riot ends

Becomes president, leaves, refuses to elaborate further.

Photo via Riot Games

After six weeks as the “President of League of Legends,” rapper and pop star Lil Nas X has resigned from his fictional, completely made-up post. Lil Nas X was given the title of President of League by Riot in an effort to promote a series of collaborations between himself and the game developer, including a new song and in-game skin for League’s upcoming champion, K’Sante. 

The marketing campaign that featured Lil Nas X in direct collaboration with Riot featured the singer’s creation of a new League anthem: “STAR WALKIN’.” The song, which has been serving as the theme to this year’s League World Championship, debuted last month to mixed reviews.

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Lil Nas X will be performing the song at the opening ceremony of the World Championship finals on Nov. 5. Also performing at the ceremony will be rapper and producer Jackson Wang. 

“I know you’re asking yourself, Nas, how will they top last year when they literally went into Arcane? Or that virtual K-Pop band? Or that dragon that they somehow trained to fly around the stadium?” Lil Nas X asked a crowd of Riot employees in his fictional resignation speech. “I’ll tell you how. Me.” 

Image via Riot Games

Tomorrow, League’s newest champion, K’Sante, will be released onto live servers. Lil Nas X helped design the prestige edition of the champion’s launch skin, Empyrean K’Sante

In total, Lil Nas X and Riot collaborated on two major projects for League—one for the esport and one for the game itself. In addition, three comedy sketches were produced by the company to help support its collaboration with Lil Nas X. 

The grand finals of the League World Championship will take place on Nov. 5 between Korean squads T1 and DRX. Coverage of the event will begin at 6pm CT.