LGD Gaming signs Uniboy as starting mid laner for 2021 season

Uniboy is just the latest in a long series of mid lane exports from the PCS region.

Image via LGD Gaming

Following a familiar pattern throughout esports history, LGD Gaming has signed a former foe in Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu to its main League of Legends roster. The 19-year-old terrorized the Chinese team when they faced off at Worlds this year.

Despite not qualifying for the 2020 World Championship himself, Uniboy might just have been among the best-performing mid laners during the entire play-in stage.

Uniboy, who played for AHQ last season, was given the opportunity to play at Worlds as a substitute for fellow PCS team PSG Talon while some of their players were required to complete extended quarantining. With his help, the team that appeared to be a hodgepodge of a squad on paper was transformed into a legitimately terrifying and strong roster.

At just 19 years old, Uniboy has already accrued the kind of experience that comes more commonly with a mature player. With four years of participation in the LMS/PCS and multiple Worlds appearances, Uniboy is quite deserving of this opportunity with such a storied organization like LGD.

Outside of the potential star power of Uniboy, however, LGD seems to be lacking exceptional talent and experience in its current team list. Right now, just one of its Worlds players from this year is returning for 2021. In an interesting new direction, the team has promoted at least five of its junior players to the main roster ahead of the upcoming season.

It seems that Uniboy could be leading the next generation of LGD superstars while the team looks to rebuild primarily around its youth.

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