Legends of Runeterra developer breaks down XP and the rewards system before the upcoming preview patch

The next round of testing launches Nov. 14.

Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is making a strong effort to allow Legends of Runeterra players to be successful without spending money⁠—and it starts with rewards and progression.

LoR design lead of progression Ryan “RyscG” Guiliany gave an in-depth look at the digital card game’s reward and experience system in a blog post today, detailing exactly what players can do to earn winnings without breaking the bank.


Cards, Capsules, and Chests

Image via Riot Games

Capsules and Chests are the basic reward system players are offered to earn cards and Shards. The infographic details exactly what comes in each item. Capsules offer cards of different rarity depending on upgrades and high-level Chests dole out Capsules for even more rewards.

Capsules, Chests, and cards are all liable to upgrade to higher rarities when cracked open. And players can’t unlock more than three copies of any individual card. The fourth copy of any LoR card will be replaced with Shards or rerolled into another card of the same rarity.

Region rewards

Image via Riot Games

LoR players can expand their collections by unlocking cards from specific regions by accruing experience. A region can be abandoned to start the progression in another region at any point, so players aren’t forced to complete one before moving on.

Guiliany also broke down what rewards players can snag by completing any single region.

  • One Rare Wildcard
  • One Epic Wildcard
  • One Champion Wildcard
  • Two Random Epics
  • One Bronze Chest
  • One Silver Chest
  • Two Golden Chests
  • Two Platinum Chests
  • One Diamond Chest
  • Two Capsules
  • Two Wild Capsules
  • Two Epic Capsules
  • Two Champion Capsules

To fully complete a region, players need to reach Level 20 with a total of 52,500 XP, with the experience needed to level increasing by 250 XP from the last one.

The Vault

Image via Riot Games

Players unlock Chests in the Vault, which are upgraded based on how much experience you earned in the previous week. Once players hit level 10 or above, they’re guaranteed a champion card and three high-level Chests. The Vault system functions by rewarding play time, not how much money you pump into the game.

XP and progression

LoR devs will be making some changes to how progression works moving forward.

  • No bonus wildcards to start. These wildcards are intended for preview patch players to immediately build any deck and showcase the full range of possibilities in LoR within a week. Riot plans to reset progression—including a wipe of those wildcards—at some point between now and launch.
  • One daily quest per day. The first preview patch had a pretty widespread bug where players were able to get way more than the usual amount of quests per day. This bug has now been fixed.
  • XP for a loss will be much higher. This could potentially change, but for closed beta next year, PvP losses will grant 100 XP and AI losses will grant 50 XP, up from 25 XP for either like it is in these preview patches.
  • More XP rewards. Riot isn’t ready to share the details just yet, but the company has some features in development that will add a bit more XP to the progression system in general.

Players can jump into LoR’s card-slinging action in the next preview patch, scheduled for a Nov. 14 launch.