Lee Sin has a pick-ban ratio of 98.7 percent heading into the 2021 World Championship finals

"Your will, my hands."

Image via Riot Games

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship has seen a whole slew of champions enter and leave the meta as the tournament has gone by. But one champion has stood tall among the rest: Lee Sin.

The Blind Monk has been the priority pick for most teams, sitting with a pick-ban percentage of 98.7 percent across all games at the event, according to popular League esports stats website Oracle’s Elixir.

Lee Sin has been played 36 times at Worlds, making him the second-most played champion behind Miss Fortune. He’s been banned by teams 52.6 percent of the time, while also sporting the second-most kills and the second-most assists among all champions played at the tournament.

Lee Sin also has a decent win rate at Worlds, taking home the victory in 58 percent of his games. He’s one of the most active junglers in the tourney, too, since he has an impressive 73.7 percent kill participation percentage.

He might not deal a ton of damage, but his kit gives him an unlimited amount of playmaking potential in the hands of the star junglers of the world. DWG KIA’s superstar jungler Canyon, for example, is undefeated on Lee Sin through five games at Worlds 2021.

As a result, we should see some priority set from the coaching staff of EDward Gaming in the World Championship finals, who could ban the champion since their jungler Jiejie only has two games on Lee Sin in comparison. They don’t really draft for a composition with the monk in mind, but they also know how deadly DWG KIA can be with the pick in the hands of Canyon.

Ultimately, Lee Sin has been a menace for many teams at Worlds and should be a pick that we see frequented when EDG and DWG KIA square off in the finals on Saturday, Nov. 6.

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