LEC caster Ender breaks down how to use reworked Fiddlesticks to clear 5 jungle camps in less than 3 minutes

Jungling has never been so easy.

Image via Riot Games

After months of waiting, the new-and-improved Harbinger of Doom will finally debut on the Rift—and he’s no friend to jungle camps.

LEC caster Ender created a short guide to Fiddlesticks’ first jungle clear today, which can net you five out of six camps in less than three minutes.

The jungle clear begins by grabbing aggro from Red buff and Raptors simultaneously. By standing at a specific point right above the Red buff alcove, players can maintain both camps at the same time without them resetting. Fiddle’s Bountiful Harvest (W) should hit all of the units at the same time and heal you based on the target’s missing health.

Next up, Ender recommends grabbing Wolves using your E on your way toward Blue buff. Again, players can stand at a point between Blue and Wolves to do both camps at the same time. Players should focus auto attacks on Wolves, rather than Blue.

Once Wolves are done, kite Blue toward Gromp and continue the two-camp clear. This time, auto attacks should be focused on Blue to finish that off in between W casts. After Gromp falls, players should be around the 2:55 mark, 20 seconds before Rift Scuttle spawns.

Players can try a gank mid or top before getting Scuttle, potentially getting first blood early.

Fiddlesticks fans can jump into the Practice Tool to try this out before kicking off their solo queue grind.