League’s newest Pool Party skins make waves in Patch 10.13

Five new skins are hitting Summoner's Rift in this patch cycle.

Image via Riot Games

Summer’s officially here, League of Legends fans. To beat the heat, Riot Games is preparing to drop five new skins from the game’s summer-themed skin line, Pool Party, following the release of Patch 10.13.

Heimerdinger, Syndra, Jarvan IV, Taliyah, and Orianna are all getting new beach attire when the skins go live on July 2. Each of the skins will become available in the client store for 1,350 RP and will release with their own set of chromas for additional purchase.

Pool Party Taliyah will be the Stoneweaver’s first skin since her release in 2016—excluding her Samsung Galaxy skin, which was chosen by Lee “Crown” Min-ho in honor of his team’s World Championship victory in 2017. For her new look, Taliyah wears a two-piece wet suit and travels around the Rift on a surfboard in place of her usual rock.

Both Syndra and Orianna don one-piece swimsuits and beach props in place of their usual Summoner’s Rift attire. Syndra circles herself with purple volleyballs while Orianna’s Orb has been replaced by a blow-up whale floatie.

Heimerdinger and Jarvan IV sport orange arm floaties, swim trunks, and sandals. The Revered Inventor throws out beach balls for his stun and builds a sandcastle before returning to base, while Jarvan IV attacks with a beach umbrella and summons a castle wall of sand for his ultimate.

Patch 10.13 drops early tomorrow morning, but the new batch of Pool Party skins won’t become available until Thursday, July 2.

Pool Party Syndra, Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger

Image via Riot Games

Pool Party Orianna, Taliyah

Image via Riot Games