League’s Essence Emporioum returns Nov. 25

Now's your chance to spend that extra blue essence.

Image via Riot Games

If you have extra blue essence lying around, buy yourself something nice in time for the holidays. The Essence Emporium re-opens on Nov. 25 and will remain in the League of Legends client for two weeks to celebrate the start of the preseason.

The shop is open only twice a year and offers summoners icons, gemstones, emotes, and ward skins all for blue essence. Additionally, players can purchase chromas—which normally sell for 290 RP—for multiple champion skins all for 2,000 blue essence each. Those who have saved a whopping 150,000 blue essence will be able to grab the elusive URFwick skin for Warwick.

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Indecisive fans, fear not. The Emporium also offers random summoners icons and wards for those who want to roll the dice. Players can also purchase and gift a mystery loot item to their friends while the shop is open. There’s a limit, however; fans can only buy mystery gifts for their friends a maximum of 10 times in one 24-hour period.

Both Mystery Icon and Mystery Ward boxes include legacy and limited items. Esports-related items, event or mission rewards, and icons that grant borders or gemstones are not included, however.

The Essence Emporium returns to the client on Nov. 25 and will remain open until Dec. 10, giving fans just over two weeks to cash in their blue essence before the shop closes until next midseason.