League’s 2020 All-Star voting is now live

Cast your ballots.

Image via Riot Games

The polls might be closed for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, but League of Legends fans can now cast their vote for the professional scene’s finest.

Voting for the 2020 All-Star Event is live, letting fans cast their ballots for one player in each role in all regions. You can make your picks on the LoL Esports voting page, which will let you build your All-Star team from scratch. But fans only have until Nov. 17 at 1:59am CT to get their votes in.

Once you get the votes in for your home region, you can also make picks for the other regions. But Chinese players voting for the LPL will be a “bit later than the rest of the world,” Riot said. So the results from China’s region will be “slightly delayed.”

The top-voted player in each position will make the 2020 All-Star team. The event will be online, so pros will be playing from their home or regional studio, a Nov. 5 LoL Esports article said.

Fans can tune in to the All-Star Event starting Dec. 18.

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