League streamer uses three different weapons to pull off perfect tower dive with Aphelios

Sometimes, you need to bring out the whole armory.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player pulled off a perfect one-on-one tower dive in the bottom lane, largely by perfectly spacing their auto-attacks and ability casts with Aphelios. As a plus, they avoided almost every attack from both the turret and the enemy team. 

The Aphelios player, who streamed the original clip to their Twitch channel and posted it to Reddit earlier today, used three of the five weapons in the champion’s arsenal to secure a convincing early-game kill on the enemy support player. 

In the clip, the Aphelios player pushed the enemy team’s bottom lane turret with Calibrum and Crescendum equipped, immediately swapping to Crescendum in order to make use of Sentry (Q). Because Crescendum had less than ten points of ammunition active, the turret placed from Sentry caused Aphelios to bring in a new weapon, Gravitum.

The Aphelios player immediately auto attacked the enemy Sona player with a blow from Gravitum, marking them with the weapon’s slow debuff. In sequence, they activated Gravitum’s associated ability, Binding Eclipse (Q), to root the Sona player in place under their tower. 

Just a few moments later, the Aphelios player weaved a perfectly placed Moonlight Vigil (R) in between two Binding Moonshots (Q) from the previously equipped Calibrum to bring the Sona player to within an inch of their life. One final auto attack from Gravitum was all it took to deal the killing blow.

Even though the Aphelios player remained within range of the enemy team’s turret for nearly ten whole seconds, they didn’t take a single tower shot throughout the entire encounter—a feat that may be as impressive as the dive itself.