League speedrunner solo kills Baron in under 20 minutes

He was playing bots—but this is still a crazy achievement

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is not normally thought of as a speedrun game.

There is a category for League at Speedrun.com, a speedrun stats site. But many of the categories haven’t been touched in months, even years. But there are two epic monsters that get a lot of attention from speed runners: Rift Herald and Baron Nashor.

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Records for both have come down in the last month. Notably, runners have managed to trigger the rare bug that causes Baron to spawn early at 19 minutes, 50 seconds. Ever since the Baron spawn was moved back from 15 minutes to 20 minutes a few years ago, dedicated tricksters have tried to get it to spawn earlier. But Riot seemed to have fixed those tricks over time.

But it looks like all the changes made for preseason caused some spaghetti code to break, because the early Baron is back. The record for Baron was set by a user named “Slhankz” playing Master Yi.

He mercilessly slaughtered the five AI-controlled bots, getting to four completed items and an Elixir of Wrath for extra measure. He teleported to the pit and killed Rift Herald at just the right moment, which seems to be a trigger for Baron to spawn early. Then, just eight seconds after snaking into the pit, the giant purple worm was dead.

Check out his full rampage if you want to see a Master Yi melt through bots. Then wonder to yourself: Why isn’t Yi this easy in real games?