League of Legends pros are breaking out Soraka in the mid lane after Patch 9.9 buffs

The recent buffs have the Starchild seeing some play in other lanes.

Soraka mid
Image via Riot Games

Is it time for League of Legends players to learn the way of the banana in the mid lane? The recent buffs that Soraka got from Patch 9.9 have allowed some pro players to take the healer into the mid lane, and it’s seen some relative success so far.

Former pro and streamer Danny “Shiphtur” Le is known to use some unorthodox picks in the mid lane, so of course he’s tried out the Starchild in some of his solo queue games. Current Clutch Gaming mid laner Tanner Damonte has also started to play Soraka in mid lane. But what’s making Soraka stronger in a solo lane?

Soraka’s Q health regeneration was buffed in the latest League patch. As a result, by safely farming until she can afford two Doran’s Rings and two Faerie Charms, Soraka can now sustain herself through any sort of trade through her Q, Starcall.

There are multiple matchups that will make Soraka’s life miserable, but she can be pretty strong in the right circumstances. Her health regeneration also allows her to stay in lane a lot longer, and her surprising crowd control can set up some good ganks for her junglers.

Additionally, Soraka’s incredible utility and healing becomes very useful in late game teamfights and can provide enough support for other carries in the top and bottom lanes. Try out Soraka in normal games and see if she’s a champion you could carry with.