League players reporting new client bug that doesn’t show friends joining lobby

And yet another client bug has surfaced.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been one of the many people advocating for Riot Games to fix the League of Legends client, then here’s another reason for you to raise complaints.

Multiple people have reported a bug recently where players who accept invites from their friends don’t show up in the game lobby, making it impossible to start the match. The problem has been popping up in EU West, affecting anyone who wants to run any matches as a group.

One temporary fix that some players have reported is to repeatedly change the game mode from regular Summoner’s Rift to ARAM. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but some players have said it can fix things for a while. Another solution that some people have suggested is to log in and out after every game.

This isn’t the only bug that’s started to crop up over the past few days, though. Some players claim they’ve run into a bug in champion select that prevented them from switching champs with their teammates. As a result, they were forced to play a role that they weren’t comfortable with.

This bug could’ve been especially troublesome for players during the Clash tournaments that were running this weekend and may have cost some teams their bracket.

Riot will need to address these issues soon so that friends are able to play together once again.

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