League players report issue with client selecting different skin and champ during champion select

ARAM might be leaking into the client.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends client may have a mind of its own.

Players are reporting issues with the game client, posting videos yesterday of it choosing a different skin or champion from the ones selected. While the randomness of the interaction is amusing, it’s still a costly problem that can negatively impact the player experience.

The issue was first brought to light when a player seemingly had Annie’s FrankenTibbers skin selected in champ select. Despite the cosmetic being the featured image, a gold square highlighting the Panda Annie thumbnail foreshadowed trouble. When the client transitioned to the loading screen, it swapped FrankenTibbers to Panda Annie.

“Wow, that is just not the skin I chose,” the confused player said. “Hello… am I going crazy or something?”

Another player then shared their champ select experience shortly after. Even though the player had Bard highlighted when locking in, the client selected Xayah instead. To add to the peculiar situation, there was a brief second where Rek’Sai’s skins showed up in between the botched selection. This means the client featured Bard’s image, Xayah’s name, and Rek’Sai’s skin thumbnails at the same exact time.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“I’m not entirely sure what happened, I had been playing a lot of Xayah and when I went to lock in the bard the game just decided I wanted to play Xayah,” according to the player.

It’s unclear what exactly happened in these two cases. But other League fans shared their hilarious takes on the peculiar situation.

“Next is launching a game of League and ending up in VALORANT,” one commented.

“I’ve actually found closing the client and never reopening it solved most of my problems,” another said.

And some players joked that Riot added a fan-requested “random skin” feature.

It’s unknown whether these two separate situations are related, but the client is likely the culprit. If it persists, Riot will likely patch it out in a future bug fix.

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Andreas Stavropoulos
Staff writer for Dot Esports. Andreas is an avid gamer who left behind a career as a high school English teacher to transition into the gaming industry. Currently playing League, Apex, and VALORANT.