League players voice concerns with recent Night and Dawn event orb bundles

People are angry about the bundle pricing and the lackluster jackpots.

League of Legends‘ newest Night and Dawn event has come complete with themed orbs that contain champion skin shards, jackpot prizes, and event tokens. Although this could be great for people with some extra cash, many players have brought up several complaints about these bundles, claiming that they aren’t worth the money for what you end up getting.

One player figured out that it was better to buy three of the 2,500 RP orb bundles rather than purchasing the big 7,000 RP bundle in the store. This is because the smaller bundle gives you the same amount of tokens as the big one and a minimum of 33 skin shards, while the bigger bundle only gives you 30 skin shards, plus one extra skin shard from the jackpot bag included in the deal.

Players also said that the jackpots for this Night and Dawn event have been disappointing, with some players getting a single 975 RP level skin for their trouble and money. This is because the jackpot drop rate was increased from four to eight percent compared to past events, but Riot Games decided to lower the value of jackpots to offset this change.

The jackpots were supposed to be exciting for people who spent their money since they’re touted as rare and even cost 50 prestige points in the Prestige Point Shop. Seemingly no one has gotten anything worth their money yet, however.

If you’re looking to maximize your money with these event orbs, you’re better off buying three of the cheaper bundles. The guaranteed jackpot bag is seemingly almost never worth it and should be left alone until the end of the event.