League players, did your Star Guardian tokens expire? Riot says there’s still a way you can redeem them

Grab your rewards while you can.

Image via Riot Games

After droves of League of Legends fans raised complaints about the game’s summer Star Guardian event, Riot Games will be giving players one more chance to redeem their event rewards before their tokens disappear for good.

Riot Support revealed today that when the Star Guardian event ended on Wednesday, Aug. 24, all of the corresponding tokens were removed from the in-client loot tab. But multiple fans believed that they’d still have time to peruse the Star Guardian rewards since tokens have usually lasted around a week after the end of the event.

But players did not realize that because the event was extended for more than a week, this meant the grace period for tokens was no longer viable. Additionally, multiple fans claimed that the tokens were removed from their account while the event was supposed to be ongoing.

This lack of communication was the final straw for many players, especially after they endured multiple event-breaking bugs that prevented the in-client story from progressing, along with rewards being queued and delayed due to an increased number of rewards being distributed.

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To rectify any issues having to do with the tokens, Riot will be taking support tickets to help players use their unspent tokens for various rewards. If any user sends in a ticket by Thursday, Sept. 8 at 2:59am CT, they should be able to grab their loot.