League players can now earn unlimited RP with Microsoft Rewards

Who doesn't like free RP?

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players can now obtain an “unlimited” amount of Riot Points thanks to Microsoft Rewards, an online gifting system that rewards users based on their time spent online. 

Usually, League players can only get in-game currency by purchasing it with real money or through pre-created codes. This gave players the ability to buy skins, wards, icons, and more only by using predetermined methods in the game client. But by using the Microsoft Rewards system, League players will now be able to obtain a limitless amount of RP without paying. 

To obtain the in-game currency, League players will have to sign in to their Microsoft account and choose the goal they want to achieve by selecting either 100 or 650 RP. After that, players will have various ways to obtain Microsoft points, which can be later traded in for various gifts, including the highly-coveted Riot Points.

On Microsoft Rewards’ main page, you’ll see the phrase “Get free rewards.” But you are actually “giving” something precious to Microsoft, which leaves the word “free” up for debate. In exchange for points, Microsoft will collect users’ data and preferences, which benefits the technology corporation in various ways.

Screengrab via Microsoft

Earning points “is simple,” according to Microsoft. To win gifts, users will just have to research online, shop, and play with Microsoft activated. Additionally, they can earn points by taking surveys and quizzes about their preferences. 

Originally, the service was called “Bing Rewards,” which also explains the reason why users of the Microsoft Rewards systems can obtain more points by using the search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. 

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