League player stops Akshan mid-swing with perfectly timed Alistar Headbutt

Cut down by the bull.

Image via Riot Games

When playing Akshan in League of Legends, Heroic Swing (E) is one of the best escape tools at your disposal. But when an enemy champion with crowd control comes along, Akshan players usually see their getaway cut short. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, an Akshan player was stopped dead in their tracks by an enemy Alistar who staunchly interrupted their great escape via Heroic Swing. 

In the clip, the Alistar player approached Akshan, who was slightly pushed up in the bottom lane. The Akshan player realized they had to get away from the potential skirmish and attempted to grapple to safety. But the Alistar player was able to deftly get behind the Akshan, stopping them from getting away with their grappling hook.

The Alistar player quickly used Flash to get in position, leaving minimal space between themselves and the Akshan player. Once they were behind the grappling Akshan, they used Headbutt (W) to push them back to their original position in the middle of the lane. After activating Trample (E), the Alistar player eventually stunned the enemy Akshan, finishing them off for a smooth kill. 

To complete the play, the Alistar player hung around in the bottom lane and waited for Akshan’s lane partner, Zyra, to step forward, taking them down as well for a convincing double kill.

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