League player shows off Ryze’s scaling power with 1-vs-5 pentakill

Not even close.

Image via Riot Games

The “Q” and “E” keys are a Ryze player’s best friend.

A League of Legends player showcased how devastating a fed Ryze can be, posting an effortless one-vs-five pentakill today.

The Ryze player was pressuring the enemy’s top lane inhibitor turret until the opposing Jhin tried to contest it. The fed Rune Mage easily deleted the AD carry with a Spell Flux (E) and Overload (Q) combo before using the bonus movement speed to run away. But the remaining four enemies were keen on putting an end to the mage’s terror.

After the Lux and Morgana locked up the Ryze player with consecutive Qs, things certainly looked grim. The player activated Seraph’s mana shield to tank some damage before dishing out a ton of their own. Ryze landed a Spell Flux that spread to all four enemies before hitting a Q that decimated the aggressors.

With the Yi taken out by another Q, three remained. All the Ryze had to do was follow up with another quick E and Q combo to instantly destroy the remaining three enemies as the “pentakill” announcement rang through Summoner’s Rift.

“A reminder to not let Ryze scale to a point of no return,” the player said.

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