League player pulls off the perfect quadra kill with Jhin

There's no better way to kick off 2022.

With League of Legends’ upcoming season beginning in just a few days, there is no better time to hop back in the game and sharpen your skills. 

One League player has kicked off 2022 in style, pulling off what is likely the best Jhin multi-kill of the year so far. In the clip shared to the League of Legends subreddit, you can catch the play in all its glory. With the power of Jhin’s Dancing Grenade, the player was able to chain together four consecutive kills.

Those familiar with the champion will know that this powerful move increases in damage for each target it kills with the maximum chain possible being four enemies. This is exactly what took place in the clip with three being hit back-to-back before the grenade finally honed in and took out a fourth.

While there was a fifth enemy on low health within Jhin’s targets the Penta was denied by a friendly Veigar. Fortunately, this didn’t take away from the impressive play.

As you’d expect with this momentum, the team was able to come back from a slight gold deficiency to infiltrate the enemy base and eventually secure victory for themselves.

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