League player pulls off the perfect Flash to escape enemy team

The plan worked flawlessly.

Making a getaway in League of Legends isn’t always so simple, especially where you’re facing off against a full team of five enemy champions. One League player showcased how it isn’t always about being the faster champion, but about making smart moves to escape death.

In a highlight clip, nPhlames and their team were on the wrong side of a team fight that saw all their teammates taken down one by one. With just the Kai’Sa player left, they made the logical decision to attempt escape.

With four enemy champions closing in on Kai’Sa’s position as she headed towards the river, the player chose to Flash into the nearby brush, instead of the more typical Flash over the wall into the river.

This misdirection worked perfectly. The enemy team never suspected a thing and went on to pursue where they thought Kai’Sa had gone in the river, allowing the player to make an easy escape.

It does look like the fairly even game was trending in the wrong direction for the Kai’Sa, and thanks to the clip being in spectator mode we can see that they ultimately came up short. But this escape is still a win for the Kai’Sa player.