League of Legends player perfectly uses Bard’s kit to escape certain death with a sliver of health

The fan called the play "The Great Escape" starring "Bard Pitt."

Image via Riot Games

Bard might be ready for Hollywood.

A League of Legends player posted a video last night showcasing some cinematic Bard moves in slow motion, escaping an onslaught of enemies with a sliver of health.

Things instantly looked grim for the Bard player. The enemy Leona’s Zenith Blade (E) hit true and the Bard was stun locked while the rest of the team drew closer. But as soon as the crowd control ended, the Wandering Caretaker sent out a beautiful Tempered Fate (R) that put three opponents in stasis. 

With 52 health remaining, the Bard player placed a healing shrine down that replenished his health to 246. The ally Orianna simultaneously shielded the support for additional sustain, giving him the tools needed to flee with Magical Journey (E).

The Bard was then able to dodge a Leona ultimate, an Olaf axe, and three Jhin Curtain Call (R) rounds before making it to safety. The enemy Jhin was also assassinated from the backline by the ally Evelynn, cutting his ultimate short.

While the escape was entertaining in itself, the player naming their League account “Bard Pitt” did spark a hilarious movie reference. One fan coined the play “catch me if you can” starring “Bard Pitt and Leona DiCaprio,” alluding to the 2002 film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

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