League player lands perfect Lux ultimate in ARAM

Well, almost perfect.

Sometimes everything–and nearly everyone–lines up perfectly to set up an epic play in League.

In the clip shared by a Lux player, they were able to take out four members of the opposing team with a single blast from her ultimate.

The setup came courtesy of the team though, with Ziggs, Tahm Kench, and Xayah using their abilities to weaken the pack of foes, while Ornn held some in place with the help of his Searing Charge.

While the setup and execution were near-perfect, the enemy team’s Sona was able to escape and withhold the desired pentakill from Lux. With this kind of kill momentum on their side, the blue team went on to win the match.

While a setup like this doesn’t happen to everyone, this isn’t the first time this user has shared a similar event in an ARAM. In February, SimplyEggplant shared a clip of them playing Liliia, where the perfect ultimate was able to stun all five members of the opposing team and allowed them to secure the penta.

There’s plenty of League champions that are capable of flashy plays–and it looks like it won’t take long for this player to continue lighting up their enemies.

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