League player has one champion removed from their account thanks to an unusual request

Riot fulfilled the player's strange request.

Image via Riot Games

On places like Reddit, we often come across posts that show acts of kindness from Riot Games, with the developers being charitable and handing out Blue Essence or Riot Points to League of Legends players. One player, though, had a different kind of request fulfilled by the devs.

Eight years ago, a Reddit user named StirredEggs asked the creators of the popular MOBA to remove Alistar from their champion pool. Their reasoning behind the request was simple: they loved to play ARAM but hated melee champions and tanks. As explained in the post, they preferred to only play mages.

You might ask why the player bought Alistar in the first place. But it turns out they got the champion for free through a YouTube link, which rewarded the player with the Minotaur. After sending off an email to Riot, the devs swiftly responded to the player’s request and removed the champion from their account.

Back then, players couldn’t simply re-roll their assigned champion in ARAM. They had to play the cards they were dealt unless they wanted to face a penalty by leaving the game.

With the League roster expanding to 160 champions today, Riot rarely has the time to fulfill requests like StirredEggs’. But it’s nice to know that the devs once cared about players.