League player dives turret to secure 1-vs-5 pentakill with Samira

A textbook Samira play from start to finish.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player secured a one-vs-five pentakill with Samira in the most dramatic fashion possible.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League of Legends player, who was playing Samira in the clip, snagged a pentakill completely by themselves while taking multiple tower shots and the full brunt of the enemy team’s attacks to the face. 

In the clip, the Samira player begins their assault by chasing down the enemy team after a teammate’s failed engagement attempt went haywire. The Samira player then dove under the opposition’s inner turret, racked up enough combo points to trigger an S-rank of Daredevil Impulse (P), and unleashed a wide-sweeping Inferno Trigger (R) that caught four players off-guard, wiping them from the map practically instantly. 

Multiple casts of Wild Rush (E) and a Flash mixed in-between allowed the Samira player to bob and weave in and out of the teamfight, expertly dodging enemy abilities, as well as timing the turret’s attacks and getting out of their way just in time. 

At one point, the Samira player’s hit point total dropped to eight percent as they took one final tower shot before landing a long-range Flair (Q) to secure the fifth and final kill in the teamfight. 

The score of the game was 22-7 at the time the teamfight began, and the Samira player was 6/2/0 around 15 minutes into the game when they recorded their pentakill. Still, even with a substantial advantage, a play of this caliber is worth writing home about.

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