League player uses Cho’Gath ult in Ultimate Spellbook game mode to create ‘lore accurate’ version of Aurelion Sol

Almost as big as the universe itself.

Image via Riot Games

In the lore of League of Legends, Aurelion Sol is easily the biggest champion in the game. Although he’s scaled down to fit onto Summoner’s Rift in-game, Aurelion Sol is a massive cosmic dragon in League lore and would easily tower over the entirety of the map if his imposing to-scale model was implemented into the game.

One League player, though, did their best to recreate what a “lore-accurate” version of the champion would look like with the help of one of the game’s rotating game modes, Ultimate Spellbook. 

Ultimate Spellbook allows players to replace one of their Summoner Spells with another champion’s ultimate ability, making for some truly creative combinations between champions’ kits. In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player playing Ultimate Spellbook used Cho’Gath’s ultimate ability, Feast, while playing Aurelion Sol, turning the dragon into a much larger version of himself. 

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In the clip, the Aurelion Sol player had accumulated 13 stacks of Feast, massively increasing their HP total while also supersizing themselves. The giant Aurelion Sol is seen traveling down the mid lane at breakneck speeds using Comet of Legend (E) before taking on four enemies all at once. Since Aurelion Sol himself was much larger, so was the radius of the champion’s passive, Center of the Universe. 

The increased orbital radius of stars around Aurelion Sol meant that more enemies were susceptible to the dragon’s damage output. As a result of the player’s immense size and health pool, they easily earned a quadra kill on Aurelion Sol by flying in a circle and allowing the champion’s passive stars to deal damage to all targets around them. By the time the one-vs-four skirmish was completed, the Aurelion Sol player still had over 1,000 health left in their 5,700 HP pool.