League of Legends players use 5 ultimates to pull off insane wombo combo for the ace


Image via Riot Games

It seems like you really can find perfect team synergy in League of Legends solo queue.

One League player and their team used five stellar ultimates to wipe out the opposing squad, posting the superb wombo combo today.

With a player down, the enemy team decided to sit under their tier-two top lane tower to protect it from the aggressors. But there’s nothing scarier than a teamfight composition in the later stages of the League game.

The insane play started with Volibear and Malphite diving in, using their ultimates to knock and slow the enemies caught in the radius. Orianna already had her ball placed on the ally Volibear and simply pressed R to administer a devastating Command: Shockwave. Sona’s Crescendo from the backline stunned any targets still standing after the wombo, while Miss Fortune melted the opponents with Bullet Time.

What was previously a 900-gold difference turned into almost 3,000, instantly swinging the tides in one team’s favor. The game didn’t last much longer, though. The team capitalized on the wombo combo and end the match less than a minute later, according to op.gg.

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