League of Legends player abuses Aphelios’ long range against his champion designer

The designer may have gotten a taste of his own medicine.

Image via Riot Games

Oh, how the tables have turned.

A League of Legends player posted a video on Reddit yesterday showcasing Aphelios’ overpowered kit. The player on the receiving end of the thrashing was Riot Stash “Stashu” Chelluck, one of the designers who worked on the Weapon of the Faithful.

The video shows several instances of the player using Aphelios’ long range to take out Stashu’s Ezreal from afar. But one occasion was far more frustrating than the rest (at the 18-second mark).

The player began the sniping assault by hitting a Moonshot (Q) on Stashu with the Calibrum rifle. This marked the Rioter and allowed Aphelios to deal devastating damage with an auto attack. But it didn’t end there.

Aphelios then launched his ultimate, Moonlight Vigil, at Ezreal and marked him again. This allowed the player to finish off Stashu with another basic attack, giving the designer a taste of his own medicine.

The new AD carry was introduced in early December and already has been targeted by several nerfs. Patch 9.24b clipped his Calibrum mark damage ratio and Infernum ultimate damage. Upcoming Patch 10.2 will increase Calibrum’s Q cooldown and decrease its mark damage, while also nerfing Severum’s Q damage and Mini-Crescendum’s AD value.

Aphelios’ design is one of the more innovative, albeit risky, attempts in the AD carry role. Though many players complain about Aphelios’ kit, the champ sits at a below-average win rate, according to Champion.gg.