League of Legends player suffers 10 seconds of minion block

Sometimes the game has other plans.

Image via Riot Games

We’ve all been there—when you’re looking to pursue or flee from a battle in League of Legends, and a group of minions begins to block your champion from moving in its path. But very few will have encountered anything as bad as a recent Morgana player.

In a highlight clip, the bot lane duo of Morgana and Vayne set out to pursue their foes when a single minion blocked Morgana against the river wall. This wasn’t your normal minion block that lasted just a moment though, this appeared to be a sinister plan for the enemy minion to take Morgana out of play.

The jam continued as other enemy minions approached Morgana too. The champion appeared to be rubber banding from in and out of the minion jam but was ultimately unable to get free. Not only did this make things difficult for Vayne and the jungle Nautilus, who had pursued the enemies with the idea of Morgana being in tow, but it also saw the minions take a big portion of the support champions’ health.

Ultimately, when Morgana was able to get free it was too late. Vayne was eliminated, with Morgana suffering the same fate shortly after. This bad luck further extended the enemy’s lead, which ultimately resulted in them winning the match.

This might be the worst minion block we’ve ever seen and fortunately something that not a lot of players will have to deal with during their time playing the game. Or at least, we hope that it never happens to us.

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