4 December 2017 - 19:01

League Patch 7.24: Tons of rune changes are arriving tomorrow

Kleptomancy, Triumph, and more troubled runes are getting bopped with the nerf hammer.
Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 7.24 arrives tomorrow, and it will be the first patch since the new runes system was introduced last month that focuses on balancing runes.

The focal points of this patch are runes that have been the largest pains-in-the-ass since their launch, namely Kleptomancy, Triumph, Lethal Tempo, and Press the Attack. There are also some weaker runes being boosted up to viability, like Overheal and Fleet Footwork, but overall, this is a nerfing patch for runes.

Kleptomancy isn't unbalanced, strictly speaking, because it works as intended on most champions. There are a few champions that work a little too well with it, however, and this nerf will lower its effectiveness on them, without hurting its performance on other champions very much. The rune will no longer boost the range of an auto attack after triggering, which will only hurt the likes of Ezreal and Gangplank, who can trade damage a little too well using this feature. You'll also be less likely to roll the same item over and over again thanks to a slight shift in the algorithm the rune uses.

The Precision rune path is the most unbalanced rune path in the game at the moment, so Riot's balance team is paying extra attention to it this week. Triumph is being nerfed to heal for less, Coup de Grace will deal slightly less damage and Press the Attack's Exposure won't apply until the attack after it is applied. Fleet Footwork will also heal for much more, and it will now be boosted even further if triggered by a critical strike, and Lethal Tempo's cooldown is dropping by a few seconds. Overheal will generate a larger shield.

Precision isn't the only path to see a ton of changes in 7.24, though. Phase Rush's slow resistance will now apply to ranged attackers, making it significantly more useful, and Celerity is being nerfed to provide a little less movement speed. On the Resolve side of the coin, Revitalize is being buffed to apply to shields and heals cast from allies on the user, and Mirror Shell will now apply six MR, rather than five.

This onslaught of rune changes will go live with Patch 7.24 tomorrow morning on the North America server.

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