League of Legends Patch 10.1 gives Thresh a makeover with fresh VFX update

The changes will be tested on the PBE next week before hitting the live servers.

Image via Riot Games

With the Lux visual effects update behind him, Riot artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy has another passion project in the works—making Thresh look good.

One eagle-eyed fan noticed a few visual changes to the League of Legends champion in the Aphelios Champion Spotlight and tweeted the artist today. It turns out Sirhaian decided to make Thresh’s abilities clearer while keeping them in line with the aesthetic in the “Senna: Shadow’s Embrace” cinematic.

The artist broke down the Chain Warden’s VFX update in a Dev Corner post.

Here are all the upcoming changes.

Base kit

  • Passive: New souls and power-up effects.
  • Basic Attack: Trails on all skins, and new hit effects.
  • Death Sentence (Q): Made the hitbox clearer and adjusted hook position. New hit effects. New link break effect (ie. on cleanse/qss). New wind-up effect.
  • Dark Passage (W): New Lantern missile and AOE indicator. Should be more noticeable and in-thematic. New edge indicator. Cleaned up ray of light towards Thresh. Lantern now rotates much more fluidly (no more chunky rotations, except if you’re super close to it).
  • Flay (E): Added a circle indicator to show the actual hitbox. Yes, there was a circle hitbox around it. Why? How would I know. At least now it’s clearly indicated. Also new indicator overall with improved thematic feel.
  • The Box (R): Thematic feel improvement, and cleaned up. I kept the original pillars.
  • Idle Effects: Cleaned up and improved idle effects overall to match his actual appearance.

Skin changes

  • Deep Terror Thresh: Cleaned up overall and more bubbles.
  • Championship Thresh: New Championship particles overall and some cleanup.
  • Blood Moon Thresh: Mostly just a cleanup with some thematic improvements.
  • Dark Star Thresh: Mostly just some tweaks to match base.
  • High Noon Thresh: Mostly just some tweaks to match base.

Known things to fix

  • Add basic attack trails on Dark Star.
  • Add E circle indicators on Pulsefire Thresh.
  • W Lantern fire position is off on High Noon Thresh.

This isn’t Sirhaian’s first rodeo when it comes to improving outdated abilities. The artist recently cleaned up all of Lux’s abilities, which launched in Patch 9.24.

The Thresh VFX update will go up on the Public Beta Environment “sometime next week” before its Patch 10.1 launch.