Jewelry designer creates incredible League of Legend ring designs

Designs inspired by Leona and Diana are his latest creations.

If you ever fancied some League of Legends–inspired jewelry, these these Diana and Leona rings—if you’ve got $3,526 burning a whole in your pocket.

Based off League lore, these rings by That Jewelry Designer are meant to be dual in design while still holding certain resemblance to each other. You’d wear one ring on your right hand, and the other ring on your left, That Jewelry Designer said.

Image via That Jewelry Designer

Though these are renderings of That Jewelry Designer’s designs, he’s taken the time to map out each and every material used. Leona’s ring is designed to be made of 14 karat yellow gold with red enamel detailing. Two Parapadascha sapphires mirror each other on the sides, with another sitting on a mounting inspired by Leona’s armor. This ring alone would cost $1851.

Diana’s ring would be made out of 14 karat white gold and studded with diamonds. Black enamel details fill out the sides. Right on top is a moonstone, of course. That Jewelry Designer drew inspiration from Diana’s crescent moon imagery, spreading it throughout the detailed design. Made right, this ring would cost $1575, he said.

SK Telecom T1 championship ring | Image via That Jewelry Designer

Rek’Sai ring | Image via That Jewelry Designer

These aren’t That Jewelry Designer’s first League designs, either. He’s actually got a whole collection of them, including designs based off Taric, Jhin, Urgot, Nami, Singed, Camille, Jinx, and Rek’Sai. Should Riot Games ever take influence from the NFL’s championship rings, That Jewelry Designer has them covered, too. The designer even created a special ring for League World Champions SK Telecom T1.

You can see all of his creations on That Jewelry Designer’s Facebook page—and a big enough gold lead, maybe even get one made for real.