League of Legends fan art doesn’t get better than this album of Skintober creations

October was a good month for skinaholics.

Image via Ron Broyde

November has arrived, and although that means there’s a massive tidal wave of pre-season changes on the way, it also means something else. Skintober, an unofficial annual fan art event where community creators come up with a new League of Legends skin idea for each day of October, is over.

The event this year was hosted by Riot staffer Katey Anthony and Rachel Bias, and each day was supposed to represent a different family of skins, ranging from the Hextech line, all the way to Infernal, and everything in between. Some artists created fake in-game models, while others drew up simple sketches. There were some really great submissions, but our favorite artist was Ron Broyde, who posted his entire collection of Skintober creations to his ArtStation profile.

Here are all 22 of his creations, starting with one for North America’s last hope, Cloud9.