League of Legends concept art leaks potentially point to new Freljordian champion

An early look at the champion’s weapons and helmet were revealed.

Image via Riot Games

It appears a new Freljord may be joining the ranks.

A League of Legends data miner posted alleged concept art for a new champion on Reddit today, claiming the Freljordian’s name is rumored to be Aidyn. While leaks usually require evidence to be posted, a League subreddit moderator claims that the original poster wants to “protect their identity” and that the leak “looks like it’s legit.”

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

The early concept art gives a first look at Aidyn’s potential weapons and helmet. It appears the champion will dual wield two small scythes similar to Akali’s kamas. While the helmet is definitely a Freljord design, it’s missing a horn much like Sejuani’s helm.

The same data miner revealed supposed voice lines two days ago for what appears to be the same Freljordian champion.

“Through the storms and across the battlefields we march,” the new champion says.

Fans have several speculations as to the identity and origins of Aidyn. Some joke that it may be Tryndamere’s evil brother, while others hypothesize it’s General Marcus Du Couteau, Katarina’s father.

And Riot’s 2020 roadmap mentioned two new champions hitting the Rift this summer—a “new jungler to fawn over” and a “masked champion who refuses to die.” It’s unclear which of these descriptions applies to the Freljordian, if any.

Though the leaks are certainly exciting, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Riot Games has yet to confirm any of this information and the champion would likely be in the early stages of development.

Update April 1 9:30am CT: In cheeky fashion, it appears the “new champion” was an April Fools’ Day joke by Riot. The company showcased Pingu, the Guide, on the Riot website today.