League of Legends community complains that jungle monsters don’t appear right away from fog of war

One player had an especially bad case that cost them Baron.

Image via Riot Games

You can’t smite what you can’t see.

One League of Legends player was unfortunate enough to encounter a pesky fog of war issue with Baron Nashor, posting a video last night. The glitch prevented them from stealing the crucial objective and wiped away any hopes for a victory.

In a tight 35-minute game where both teams were even in gold, the Baron buff was necessary for any team to snag the win. With no vision inside of the pit aside from a Draven ultimate that briefly showed Baron’s health, the Ekko player had to time things perfectly. But after flashing over the wall, the Baron was nowhere to be found.

Due to the odd fog of war mechanic, Baron didn’t register on the Ekko’s screen right away, allowing the enemy jungler to smite and secure the objective.

For many junglers, this is a common occurrence. While it doesn’t usually happen with Baron or drakes, players may walk toward their jungle camps and see nothing. The first thought that usually crosses a jungler’s mind is that the enemy invaded. But after a second, the camp appears and quells any suspicions.

Some players even claim control wards don’t appear right away when you step into a bush. You could potentially walk right past the ward and give the enemy team vision without even knowing it.

It’s unclear if this is an intended feature or if Riot plans on addressing this as a bug. But if it continues to cost players major objectives, it might be fixed in a future patch.