Today’s League hotfix targets numerous bugs in Patch 10.23, including extra Zoe teleport shards and Ashe’s passive crit scaling

There's bound to be bugs with such a major patch.

Image via Riot Games

Riot introduced a massive preseason patch to League of Legends this week and it appears some bugs may have slipped through.

League gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter outlined today’s hotfix, which should solve a few pesky bugs. The dev also said some balance changes are on the horizon.

Vladimir’s Tides of Blood (E) will now have its cooldown properly start when it’s casted. And Ashe’s passive crit scaling will no longer double stack with Guinsoo’s Rageblade on-hit ability. Enemies affected by Ashe’s Frost passive take additional on-hit damage that scales off critical strike. Pair that with Rageblade’s Wraith passive and the Frost Archer could dominate enemies with all the on-hit damage.

One especially hilarious bug allowed Zoe to generate extra teleport shards on the floor. This was also be fixed in today’s mini-update.

Other fixes include an exploit caused by selling the jungle item, as well as recursive interactions between Riftmaker’s burn and Elder Dragon, and The Collector execute with the Elder Dragon execute. The Grievous Wounds passive granted from Bramble Vest and Thornmail will now continue working after the wearer dies and Garen’s E will now have the correct amount of crit scaling.

With such a major patch, it’s likely that more bugs will arise. Riot is taking feedback from the community and fixing issues that are impacting matchmaking.

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