League fan survey results display the differing experiences with toxicity based on gender

Nearly everyone gets flamed in League, but everyone doesn't receive the same sort of treatment.

Image via Riot Games

A Reddit user created a fan survey for League of Legends players yesterday that showcased numerous in-depth statistics. One prevalent figure the survey illustrated was toxicity in League and the different forms that male and female players experience.

Out of the 3,784 players who participated in this survey, 87 percent were male and 12 percent were female. But nearly every single participant experienced some degree of toxicity directed at them.

Male players are more often flamed throughout the course of a match while female players are typically harassed after the game has concluded, according to the survey. The Reddit user who created the survey explained that players experience different forms of toxicity based on their gender.

“Male players are slightly more the target of general abuse,” the Reddit user said. “Female players instead got the brunt of sexual harassment instead.”

Thirty-two percent of female players surveyed recounted some form of sexual harassment while only three percent of male players reported such an experience. Additionally, five percent of female players said they’ve been stalked outside of the game before by toxic players.

The survey also answered the question of who’s more likely to be toxic: male or female players? The Reddit user reported that 61 percent of male players have been toxic toward another player before while 55 percent of female players said they’ve never been toxic before.

Toxicity is prevalent in the online gaming community and League is often one of the go-to examples of this attitude. Although it’s never pleasant to read these sorts of statistics, it’s important to acknowledge them and work toward bettering the community at large.

The Reddit user closed out the survey with a final message for toxic players.

“I hope you reevaluate your behavior and strive to become a better person,” the Reddit user said. “Stay awesome and have a good day.”